15 Challenges in 2015!

COCO will be 15 in 2015 and to celebrate that amazing achievement we are launching ‘15 Challenges in 2015’ with the aim to raise £150,000 for our Schools for Life programme!

 £150,000 can change the lives of so many children, families and communities in East Africa and we want to make a real difference! With your support here are just some of things we could build or supply:
  • 2 dorm rooms so that children don’t have to walk for hours each day to get to school.
  • 7 classrooms and workshops to provide hands-on learning in a safe environment.
  • 100 new IGP loans to help families set up their own businesses and become self-reliant.
  • Electricity to a whole school.
  • A dining hall so that students can eat together in school.
  • Sports pitches to nurture the talent of the future.
  • A clinic for both a school and its local community.
  • Reference books and a brand new library.

As you can see, those funds could make such a huge difference to the communities we support. So what are these 15 challenges we’re talking about? We want you to dust off those running shoes and walking boots, pump up those bicycle tyres and get out and about in your orange COCO vests in a bid to make 2015 our most active COCO year ever! We have something for everyone, see below for our complete list of  our challenges and just click on  each one for more information.

Want to take part in a different challenge or host your own #coco15 event? No problem. Just get in touch with us, we’d love to help!

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