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Donate Now

Thank you for choosing to create brighter futures!


could provide...
7 chicks for COCO’s poultry project in Bwayi, feeding children and improving livelihoods 


could provide...
Mathematics and Language CBC textbooks for one student at COCO’s Schools for Life 


could provide...
One family with drought resistant crop training so they can grow food to fight climate change 


could provide...
Sustainable Agriculture Training for one woman at Niaver CBO, tackling food poverty

Donate to COCO

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Looking to use Apple Pay or G-Pay? Please click here!
Looking to use Apple Pay or G-Pay? Please click here!

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What will my donation achieve?


£1 - Five Tree Seedlings

A £1 donation could purchase five tree seedlings to be planted in a garden at one of the programmes COCO supports.

£8 - A Spade and Hoe

A £8 donation could purchase a spade and a hoe, to be used by a recipient of our Sustainable Agriculture Training programme. 

£20 - A Mature Piglet

A £20 donation could purchase a mature piglet to be raised by one of COCO's schools for life.

£75 - Sustainable Agriculture Training

A £75 donation could pay for 1 woman to attend 7 days Sustainable Agriculture Training, to teach her new skills to better support her family. 

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£80 - 1,000 Young Tilapia Fish

A £80 donation could provide 1,000 young Tilapia fish to restock a fishpond at one of the programmes. This acts as both a sustainable food source and a stream of income for our partner schools. 

£150 - Small Loan

A £150 donation could provide 1 small loan of 20,000 Kenyan Shillings for a parent or carer of a student at one of COCO's Schools for Life.

£250 - Laptop

A £250 donation could provide one laptop for a student or teacher at one of COCO's Schools.

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£1,000 - Digital Technology Training

A £1,000 donation could pay for teachers to be trained in using digital technology to ensure that students are receiving the best education to prepare them for their future. 

£15,000 - A Classroom 

A £15,000 donation could provide a new classroom that is fitted with rainwater harvesting infrastructure and solar power. 

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Gift Aid

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No matter how you donate, if you are a UK tax payer we can claim an extra 25% on your donation at no additional cost to you!


Many online giving platforms allow you to automatically add Gift Aid to your donation, so make sure you tick the box as you are filling in your details.


If you are donating via another method (such as cash, cheque, bank transfer or direct debit), please click here to fill in a Gift Aid Declaration so we can claim this 25% bonus on your behalf and make your donation go further.


Contact if you have any further Gift Aid questions.

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