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Thank you for choosing to create brighter futures!

What will my donation achieve?

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£1 - A Mango Tree

A £1 donation could plant a mango tree in a school garden

£5 - A Watering Can 

A £5 donation could provide a woman in Kenya with a watering can to grow nutritious food for the family.

£20 - An Acre of Maize

A £20 donation could pay for enough maize seeds to grow an acre of maize on a school farm. 

£35 - Boxing Gloves

A £35 donation could pay for boxing equipment for children at Focussa Primary school. 

£50 - Books for a Primary Class

A £50 donation could pay for books for a full class of pre-primary children so they have the best resources for learning to read.

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£100 - Sustainable Agriculture Training

A £100 donation could provide life changing Sustainable Agriculture Training for two women. 

£250 - A Solar Panel

A £250 donation could provide power at a remote partner school. 

£500 - Business Training 

A £500 donation could provide business training to five parents or caregivers.

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£1,000 - Solar Power and Lighting 

A £1,000 donation could provide solar power and lighting on Mercy Primary School's farm to protect the crops and people from wild animals.

£10,000 - A Classroom 

A £10,000 donation could construct a whole classroom at a primary school in Kenya. 

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