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Daithi's Pan Celtic Ultra 2024!

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Who's Daithi Heneghan?

Adventure enthusiast and humanitarian Daithi is a super cycling supporter of COCO. Last year, the man from Mayo successfully completed the North Cape 4000, a legendary 4,000-kilometre ride from Turin, Italy to the Arctic Circle. His heroic journey on this 16-day cycle challenge saw him carrying everything he needed to survive on his trusty bike (lovingly named Jasper) whilst travelling across Europe and climbing the height of Everest at least 4 times. He raised an incredible £14.5K for COCO, a record-breaking amount of funds for an individual supporter of the charity's mission, bringing hope and education to countless children in East Africa for generations to come!

Daithi Heneghan is taking on another epic cycle challenge for COCO - the Pan Celtic Ultra!
What's the Pan Celtic Ultra?

The Pan Celtic Ultra is a self-supported, ultra-endurance bicycle adventure, now in its fifth year. Each year an intrepid group of cyclists (the Clan) take on an epically challenging route through the various Celtic nations. This year it starts on the 6th of July on the Isle of Man and ends approximately ten days later in Inverness, northern Scotland.

It begins with an overnight 160km race around the entirety of the Isle of Man, which must be completed in time to catch the morning ferry to the mainland! From there, the route goes north through the brutally steep hills of England's Lake District and into Scotland's beautiful west coast, finishing around 16th July in Inverness.

Sponsor Daithi
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What will this challenge achieve?

Daithi's fundraising has a huge impact for COCO's overseas partnerships. He's already secured funds for the building of science labs at Maasai Academy so that the school can align with Kenya's updated curriculum, and he's helped renovate the kitchen at Niaver Nursery so it can reopen following new government guidelines! Now he wants to do even more to support the provision of sustainable education in remote, rural areas of East Africa. Could you spare £5 a month to support brighter futures across the globe, and help motivate Daithi in the gruelling miles of the Pan Celtic?

€5 could buy...

  • an average pint in a your local pub


  • 7 chicks for COCO's poultry project in Bwayi, feeding children and improving livelihoods!

£5 could buy...

  • a fancy frothy coffee in a cute café


  • 21 days (a whole month) of school meals for a child in Niaver Nursery School!

Want to support Daithi even more? Why not send him a motivational message as well!
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Virtual Race
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We're raising the stakes!

Just to up the stakes even more, COCO is adding an additional element to this already epic challenge - a head to head race! A group of participants will be attempting, as a team, to cover 2,300km quicker than Daithi can do it on his trusty bike (which is lovingly named Jasper, by the way!). Will pedal power prevail? Will team work make the dream work? Is one Irish man in lycra mightier than many sets of trainers? All will be revealed!  We're sure that the friendly competition will motivate Daithi even more and also raise greater awareness of the tremendous challenge he's taken on, all in the name of brighter futures across the globe.

But wait... there's more!
Join the race!

The virtual race is open to anyone, and can be completed via running, walking, cycling, swimming, even crawling - whatever you want! It will take place at the same time as Daithi's Pan Celtic, beginning on Friday 6th July and ending by approximately 17th July (depending on how quickly Daithi pedals and we run!).


The total distance the team covers will be tracked online so we can see who is ahead, and as well as the bragging rights all participants will also get a medal! Entry is just £20 which covers the cost of the online tracking software, medals, and postage. Click the button below to join the team, and give Daithi extra motivation to get those pedals turning! 








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