Gallery 3

  • Weetslade Relay

    Weetslade Relay

    A Team COCO Members only event Date: Wednesday 21st June Time: 7:30pm Location: Lockley Park, Wideopen, North Tyneside The 8th…

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  • MLASEO photo gallery

    MLASEO photo gallery

    Here are a selection of photos from MLASEO.

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  • Maasai Academy Photo Gallery

    Maasai Academy Photo Gallery

    Here are a selection of photos from Maasai Academy.

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  • Hoja Secondary Photo Gallery

    Hoja Secondary Photo Gallery

    From graduation ceremonies to traditional dance performances, here is a look at some pictures from Hoja Secondary.

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  • Savoo


    COCO is pleased to partner with Savoo, who can offer COCO supporters discounted products whilst raising funds for our programmes overseas.

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  • Foster Refrigerator

    Foster Refrigerator

    "COCO always actually makes projects happen, and can clearly demonstrate where the fundraising is used. COCO has a great team who…

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  • Helmepark Ltd.

    Helmepark Ltd.

    "COCO is a fantastic and worthwhile cause that makes a real difference.  As a team of committed people who are truly…

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