2015-golf-day-volunteersAs an organisation based in Newcastle - a busy student city, COCO is fortunate to share fantastic relationships with a number of Universities and student bodies. Our city centre location makes the office perfect for volunteering, fundraising support and event activity allowing you a range of ways to get involved.

COCO is a relatively unique organisation in the North East, we are one of the few international development organisations based solely in the region. Increased interest in international development has led to more requests for university student placements which work for both the students and COCO. Students bring a new perspective, challenge the status quo and challenge us whilst COCO can provide an opportunity for real work place experience and all the challenges and rewards that come with it. COCO has provided over 300 volunteer placements to students since 2007 giving them an experience that adds real value to their CV’s and employability. Volunteers at COCO have gone on to work at Save the Children, Bond, MAGs advisory, Transparency International, St Oswald’s Hospice, The National Trust, Shared Interest, Traidcraft,  as well as working at COCO, in fact all 4 full time staff at COCO today began their careers volunteering here.

Student life isn't all about late night library sessions, and to make the most of your time at uni why not take on challenges, campaign for causes and try new experiences.

There are so many exciting opportunities to get involved and join the COCO team – become a member of your student society to support COCO, set one up if your university doesn't have one yet, volunteer with us in our office, or take on a summer challenge and raise invaluable funds.

  • University of Sunderland in London

    University of Sunderland in London

    Huge thanks to University of Sunderland in London, who are the official sponsor of Team COCO - our affiliated virtual…

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  • Newcastle University

    Newcastle University

    Many of our volunteers come to us through the Career Development Module, an option for students to gain professional experience…

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  • Durham University

    Durham University

    Durham University students work with COCO in several different ways. Durham University has a COCO Society, who fundraise to support…

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  • University of Sunderland

    University of Sunderland

    COCO work with academics at University of Sunderland, ensuring that COCO knows about current academic research on all things international…

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  • Northumbria University

    Northumbria University

    COCO have been working with Northumbria University students through the provision of research projects for the MSc programme, dissertation placements…

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  • What Will My Funds Achieve?

    What Will My Funds Achieve?

    £5 - Primary School Text Book Text books help teachers to ensure lessons follow the national curriculum, which enables students to…

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