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Partner Organisation: Niaver CBO

Partners since: 2017

Location: Kitale, Kenya


2022 06 Isaac, Elpis Barasa and Alice Wayoike NS .jpg

Several issues have trapped the community of Bwayi in a cycle of poverty. High levels of HIV/AIDS among the population result in large numbers of orphaned children, many of whom move to the streets of the nearest town, Kitale, and become casual labourers on large farms. This work is highly competitive, seasonal, and exploitative, with adults receiving just 40p for a full day’s work and children paid even less. Many children are out of school and most adults in the community are illiterate.


Since 2017, COCO has been working with Niaver CBO to support the most vulnerable members of Bwayi community, by focusing on empowering local women through Sustainable Agriculture Training. The Sustainable Agriculture techniques they learnt have increased each trainees’ income by an average of 284%, which in turn increases and improves their access to healthcare and the enrolment and academic attainment of their children. By supporting these women and reducing gender inequalities, the women are able to lift themselves and their community out of poverty and create brighter futures for their children.

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