Hoja Permaculture Training

Optimized-George in permaculture field (3)COCO, alongside partners The Hoja Project, has been providing permaculture training to members of the community since 2011.

Initially, a pilot project was coordinated in two villages close to Songea, in southern Tanzania. By 2014, members of the community who had received training in permaculture techniques had been able to increase their income by an average of 497%. Furthermore, all of the trained farmers were food secure.

Farmers used their enhanced income to enrol their children in school. Indeed, in one of the villages, the farmers pooled together some of their funds to open a nursery school to equip their children with basic skills ahead of starting primary school.

To enable permaculture techniques to reach as many people as possible, we have begun to offer training to community-based organisations. These organisations will then be responsible for passing on the techniques to members of their community, meaning more people can be reached more quickly.

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