Our Project Partners

  • indiGO Volunteers

    indiGO Volunteers

    COCO stands against unsustainable and irresponsible overseas volunteering programmes. indiGO Volunteers is a website which links volunteers keen to volunteer…

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  • Grifaid


    Grifaid Water Filters are in use in more than 40 countries around the world. Rather than using chemicals, they provide…

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  • Bond


    COCO is a proud member of Bond International Development Network. Bond provide technical support and training to COCO, as well…

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  • Sustainable Global Gardens

    Sustainable Global Gardens

    Sustainable Global Gardens is, like COCO, a Newcastle-based organisation operating in East Africa. COCO's work overlaps with that of Sustainable…

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  • Scientific Advisory and Information Network

    Scientific Advisory and Information Netw

    COCO has worked alongside Scientific Advisory and Information Network (SAIN) to install a solar classroom at Hoja Secondary School in Tanzania.…

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  • development Direct

    development Direct

    Both based in the North East of England, COCO and development Direct have worked closely alongside one another on multiple…

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  • Viagenco


    Viagenco is COCO's implementation partner for Mercy Primary School in Kenya. In particular, COCO works closely alongside George Odhiambo, who is…

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  • Chance to Grow

    Chance to Grow

    COCO worked with Chance to Grow to improve sustainability at Great Mercy Centre in Kenya. In October 2016 Chance to Grow…

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  • The Hoja Project

    The Hoja Project

    The Hoja Project is COCO's main implementation partner in Tanzania. Alongside Hoja, COCO has been able to complete many diverse…

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