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Partner Organisation: FOCUSS Africa Trust

Partners: 2015 - 2023

Location: Busia, Kenya

March 2023 Watoto (5).png

FOCUSSA Primary was established in response to the high number of orphans locally (resulting from a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the community). The school's passionate teachers help vulnerable students develop skills which will lift them and their community out of poverty and improve their living standards.  


COCO began partnering with FOCUSSA in 2015. Since then FOCUSSA have constructed 7 classrooms fitted with solar power and rainwater harvesting infrastructure, as well as composting toilets and handwashing facilities. COCO has also supported the establishment of poultry, trees, and fish income generation programmes which contribute towards the operational costs of FOCUSSA Primary and its creation of brighter futures for vulnerable children.

In May 2023 COCO stepped back from the FOCUSSA Primary School partnership. We are confident that the infrastructure and programmes now established will continue to support the provision of quality education for many generations to come.

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