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Location: Kigonsera, Tanzania

First COCO-funded SAT training: 2015

Huruma Widows Group

2022 04 30 Huruma group, FT.jpg

The Huruma Widows Group was formed in 2013 with the aim of improving the women’s access to healthcare by increasing their income. The group initially farmed maize and beans but it was difficult for them to afford fertilizers, meaning the yields from their crops were not enough to cover their living costs.  


COCO first funded Sustainable Agriculture Training for Huruma Widows Group in 2015. This training focused on farming beans, teaching the women how to prepare the beans, create suitable soil textures, avoid insects, space the plants effectively, and use the bean leaves to fix nitrogen in the soil. The increased yield resulting from this training meant that the women were able to afford to send their children to school and to get the medication and clothing they needed.  


During a recent site visit, the group showed that they are still working extremely hard to farm enough to send their children and grandchildren to school. COCO gave additional support during this visit, providing 6 bags of fertiliser to help increase the yield of the women’s maize crops.

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