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Location: Tanzania

First COCO-funded SAT training: 2011

Kimamba Arts Group

2022 02 22 Kimamba Community Group Meeting LP.jpeg

In 2011, COCO funded Sustainable Agriculture Training for 30 members of the Kimamba Arts Group. This training enabled parents to increase their crop yields and subsequently their income, which was further boosted by the purchase of cows for the community. An internal COCO study into Sustainable Agriculture Training found that an average household income increased by 284% as a result of the training. 


Parents decided to pool this increased income to renovate a church building into a classroom and to pay a teacher from the community. Their village, Litisha, now has a specially constructed nursery school, and the parents have included a dedicated school garden from which produce is sold to sustain the nursery. The very existence of Litisha Nursery is a success, and it was developed due to COCO’s Sustainable Agriculture Training programme. 

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