COCO works to improve access to quality education for girls attending Schools for Life and in the wider environment, and empowers women through our sustainable agriculture and small loans programmes.

COCO works to improve access to quality education for girls, which not only includes giving them the academic skills to succeed in life, but empowering them to be able to achieve their dreams and lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. COCO also works to promote equal rights for boys and girls, educating on important issues such as FGM.

Women in the communities we work with are empowered by sustainable agriculture and small loans, giving them the training and support to be independent and able to set up their own businesses to provide for their families.


  • Malaika Milinga

    Malaika Milinga

    Malaika is Director of the Kids are Kings Nursery in Songea, Tanzania. The centre runs a nursery school that teaches…

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  • Grace


    “After my loan I am able to provide for my family as a female single parent. I take sole responsibility.…

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  • Agnes


    Agnes is 15 years old and studies in Form 1 at Kindimba Secondary School. Prior to Kindimba opening, over 80%…

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