Listen is the first element of COCO's motto; Listen, Learn, Sustain. By listening to the needs of the community, we are able to work alongside them to ensure that our projects have the maximum possible benefit.

After all, who knows better what a community needs than the community itself?!

The following projects demonstrate how COCO listens to the needs of a community before implementing projects which will bring about lasting and sustainable development.

GrassFood for Fees

Sustainable school sponsorship. In the short term, students are sponsored, in the long-term families empowered to send their own children to school.

light bulbSmall Loans

Small loans to empower parents and caregivers to start businesses. Income from the businesses enables parents to educate their children.

GrassSustainable Agriculture Training

Sustainable agriculture techniques enable parents to increase crop yields and thus income. Increased income empowers parents to educate children.

SunSolar Lamps

Income generation to increase access to education. Meanwhile students are able to work after dark to consolidate knowledge.


Global Batwa Outreach

Widening scale of agriculture for marginalised Batwa community in western Uganda.


  • Video: Small Loans Programme

    Video: Small Loans Programme

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    What is Sustainable Agriculture?

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    Earth Bag Kitchen

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    Damas & Condrada

    Damas and Condrada are siblings and next door neighbours, living in a village called Litisha, close to Songea in southern…

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  • Rukia


    Rukia is 27 years old and lives in the village of Kitanda in Southern Tanzania. She heard about the Hoja…

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