Solar Lamps

Optimized-2013 02 Solar Lamps LP (1)COCO has distributed solar lamps to students and members of the community in areas around Songea since 2012 in partnership with Nuru Fund and The Hoja Project.

The lamps provide four main benefits:

The first, as you might expect, is light! Close to the equator it gets dark not long after 6pm, so light from solar lamps is essential for studying and socialising in the evening.

The second benefit is to health. The main light source in rural Africa is Kerosene lamps, the smoke from which is harmful to lungs and causes cataracts.

The third is that it's better for the environment, as it is using a renewable energy source, which is in abundance in Africa.

The final benefit is income. The solar lamps can charge mobile phones, which is a profitable business in areas with little access to electricity. The lamps can also be hired out and save money compared to the cost of buying kerosene fuel for traditional lamps. The income enables recipients to repay their lamps over a period of six months, to ensure that someone else can receive a lamp upon repayment.

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