Schools for Life

COCO's Schools for Life programme seeks to replicate the success of Hoja Secondary School across East Africa. Through partnership between COCO and The Hoja Project, Hoja Secondary was developed from a disused tobacco factory into one of the best performing schools in Tanzania.

For the past four years, graduates from Hoja Secondary have achieved the highest results in the Ruvuma region of 181 schools. Further to academic success, Hoja Secondary is also operationally self-sustainable owing to careful cost reduction and innovative income generation strategies.

Six key elements combine in the Schools for Life programme; shelter, power, water & santiation, food, sports & recreation and entrepreneurship.

COCO is partnering with eight communities to develop Schools for Life; Hoja Secondary, Kindimba Secondary, Mercy Primary, FOCUSSA Primary, Elimika CentreMaasai Academy, Hoja Teacher Training and Learning Centre and MLASEO Nursery.  These eight cover the whole spectrum of education - from nursery education all the way through to pupils becoming teachers themselves!


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