Elimika Centre

Optimized-DSCN0427In Tanzania, primary education is taught in Swahili, whilst secondary education is taught in English. Understandably, this causes difficulty for many students who are learning all subjects in their second or even third language at secondary school.

To better equip students for secondary school, students attending COCO's Schools for Life are encouraged to attend a course between primary and secondary school. From experience, students who take part in this course find the transition into secondary education far easier than those who don't.

In southern Tanzania, this course is completed at Elimika Centre, which translates as 'Education Centre'. The centre also offers full secondary education and evening courses for members of the community who are now working, but wish to gain education to help them progress in their careers.

The centre is also the head office of The Hoja Project and boasts many sustainable agriculture programmes which generate income to make the office and Elimika Centre self-sustainable.

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