Optimized-IMG_1709FOCUSSA is located close to the Kenya-Uganda border, on a main road from the coast to the centre of the continent. Often trucks will arrive late at night and will have to wait until the border opens the following morning to continue their journey.

The large number of people breaking their journey in the area has to led to illicit encounters and a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. As such, there are a huge number of orphaned children in the local area. Phaustine Ogollo, the founder of FOCUSSA, estimates that 55% of the 1,000 local children between 3 and 15 years old have been orphaned.

In response to the high number of orphans in the local area, Phaustine felt obliged to intervene. FOCUSSA was founded in 2006 and has helped an average of 200 children each year since then.

COCO began partnering with FOCUSSA in 2015 and hopes to develop the infrastructure at the primary school. A classroom was constructed late in 2015 and future plans include further classrooms, dormitory facilities and a school kitchen.

  • FOCUSSA Photo Gallery

    FOCUSSA Photo Gallery

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  • Dickson Juma

    Dickson Juma

    Dickson is 29 years old and teaches at FOCUSSA Primary School, where he has been working for 6 years since…

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  • Joseph Mukadi

    Joseph Mukadi

    Joseph is 61 years old and is the headteacher and Class Three teacher. Joseph enjoys working at FOCUSSA as he likes interacting…

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  • Bridgit Adjambo

    Bridgit Adjambo

    Bridgit is an eight year-old girl, who is in class three. Bridgit is an orphan and has attended FOCUSSA for…

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