MLASEO Nursery is located in Mlandizi, close to Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam. The town suffers from underperforming schools, so the community is seeking to develop good quality schools of their own. The community established a nursery and approached COCO for assistance after difficulties in making the nursery financially secure.

There are currently 41 children in the nursery and 2 teachers.

In the last year, composting toilets have been built, as the previous toilet block had collapsed, meaning that there were no toilets on site, which was a health risk. Compost from the toilets was used to establish a school garden to provide food and income, helping the nursery to become self-sustainable. The classroom has also been renovated to provide a safe and comfortable place for children to learn.

  • MLASEO photo gallery

    MLASEO photo gallery

    Here are a selection of photos from MLASEO.

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  • Justin Shrima

    Justin Shrima

    Justin is 6 years old, and attends MLASEO Nursery.  He lives with his mother, father, and three brothers and sisters.…

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  • Water & Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

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