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Team COCO – Running for Brighter Futures

We are very excited that Team COCO, our virtual running club, is growing!  We have a fantastic new logo (shout out to Nik from Cann Creative for designing it!) and lots of exciting ideas for running events.

Team COCO is an England Athletics affiliated club, made up of runners of all ages and abilities from across the country who have a shared love for running and for improving access to quality education for children living in poor and marginalised communities.

Welcome back to our old members (we hope you like the new look!) and welcome to all our new members who are already getting involved and running races wearing the iconic orange Team COCO running vest.

One of our enthusiastic new members is Debbie, who currently is currently the Team COCO International parkrun record holder after running the beautiful Knysna parkrun in South Africa.  Not only that, but she's also currently the fastest female runner!

Here are some photos of Debbie in South Africa, and of her in her Team COCO running vest last weekend.

Being a member of Team COCO brings lots of benefits, including priority access to Team COCO places, access to the members only online forum and Facebook group, discount entry to lots of races and on running gear, and a Team COCO running top.  All of this for only the cost of your England Athletics affiliation fee - £20 a year!  Sign up and find out more here

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