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Water and Sanitation

COCO’s Schools for Life model focuses on developing sustainable, quality, education in remote communities. The model incorporates six core elements of Shelter, Power, Food, Water and Sanitation, Sport and Recreation, and Entrepreneurship.


Water and Sanitation is a key component, and whilst our partners have come a long way, there are still a couple of projects that our partners in Kenya have identified:

Could provide...
2022 07 14 Niaver CBO Bore hole (1).jpg

Niaver Borehole

Boreholes are the primary source of water for many of the communities we work with. This will develop water access and security for the community in Kitale, Kenya. 

 Niaver CBO are looking to create 10 additional boreholes within Bwayi community, Kitale. This would provide access to clean water for over 1,000 families, and reduce instances of waterborne disease.


This will be supported by community education on the importance of clean water, and committees which will support the boreholes’ upkeep. 

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