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What my Donation will Achieve

Here's some examples of what your donation could achieve. 

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£1 - Five Tree Seedlings

A £1 donation could purchase five tree seedlings to be planted in a school garden at one of the programmes that COCO supports. 

£8 - A Spade and Hoe

A £8 donation could purchase a spade and a hoe, to be used by a recipient of our Sustainable Agriculture Training programme.

£20 - A Mature Piglet

A £20 donation could purchase a mature piglet, to be raised by one of COCO’s Schools for Life. This diversifies the school curriculum and provides practical training for the students. 


£75 - Sustainable Agriculture Training 

A £75 donation could pay for 1 woman to attend 7 days of Sustainable Agriculture Training. This teaches women in the local community new skills so that they can provide for their families. 

£80 - 1,000 Young Tilapia Fish

A £80 donation could provide 1,000 young tilapia fish to restock a fishpond at one of the programmes COCO supports. This acts as both a sustainable food source and a stream of income for our programmes. 

£150 - Small Loan

A £150 donation could provide 1 small loan of 20,000 Kenyan Shillings for a parent or carer of a child attending one of COCO’s Schools for Life.

£250 - Laptop

A £250 donation could provide 1 laptop for a student or a teacher at one of COCO’s Schools for Life. 

£1,000 - Digital Technology Training

A £1,000 donation could pay for teachers to be trained in using digital technology to support learning. This will ensure that students are receiving the best education to prepare them for their future.  

£15,000 - A Classroom

A £15,000 donation could provide a new classroom, that is fitted with rainwater harvesting infrastructure and solar power. This future proofs the schools facilities and makes them as sustainable as possible. 

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