What my Donation will Achieve

Here's some examples of what your donation could achieve. 

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£1 - A Mango Tree

A £1 donation could plant a mango tree in a school garden providing nutritious fruit for students and income for the school. 

£5 - A Watering Can

A £5 donation could provide a woman in Kenya with a watering can to grow nutritious food for the family and sell surplus crops for profit. 

£20 - An Acre of Maize

A £20 donation could pay for enough maize seeds to grow an acre of maize on a school farm. Providing food for school meals but also an income for the school.

£35- Boxing Gloves

A £35 donation could pay for boxing equipment for children at Focussa Primary school in Kenya. 

£100 - Sustainable Agriculture Training 

A £100 donation could provide life changing Sustainable Agriculture Training for two women. 

£250 - A Solar Panel

A £250 donation could provide power at a remote partner school. 

£500 - Business Training 

A £500 donation could provide business training to five parents or caregivers.

£1,000 - Farm Solar Lighting

A £1,000 donation could provide solar lighting at the Food Forest at Mercy Primary School in Kenya, to improve security of workers and scare wildlife (including hippos!) off the site, protecting crops.

£8,000 - Electricity and Computers

Installation of solar power to the whole school and installation of a solar classroom for computer studies at Kindimba Secondary.

£10,000 - A Classroom

A £10,000 donation could construct a whole classroom at a primary school in Kenya.