Hoja TTL Centre

COCO's Schools for Life programme has been a huge success, and COCO is developing the Hoja TTL Centre to further enhance our current Schools for Life programme. It is anticipated that the development of the centre will have 2 primary benefits.

Firstly, the centre will provide students from Schools for Life with the opportunity to continue their studies, by offering Form 5 and Form 6 education. Opportunities to study Form 5 and Form 6 are scarce for children from underprivileged backgrounds, but graduation from Form 6 is necessary to study for the most competitive degrees.

Secondly, Hoja TTLC will provide formal teacher training qualifications. Local people will benefit from developing a marketable skill, while local children will benefit from widespread improvement in education. 

The Hoja TTL Centre is COCO’s most ambitious project. At full capacity, it will provide further education to 277 secondary school graduates from across Southern Tanzania each year. As well as teacher training courses the centre will also offer vocational courses such as business administration and nursing, as well as academic courses 

More information about Hoja TTL Centre is available in our project proposal.

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