Litisha Nursery

The beautiful village of Litisha in Southern Tanzania were one of the first villages to receive sustainable agriculture training. With the increased income, the community established a nursery school for their children so that they did not have to walk the long distance to the nearest nursery in a neighbouring village. The community have built a new building, and have enough money to sustain it with their increased income from their farming.

The community are continuing to develop the nursery themselves, having built a toilet block and brand new classroom, with hopes to expand into a primary school in the future. COCO have installed disabled access facilities on the building to ensure the quality education is available to everyone, and have provided outdoor play equipment for the children.  COCO are currently looking for funding to build a fence around the nursery to increase security on the site and to assist the community in their extension to a primary school.

Donate now to empower other communities like Litisha to establish Schools for Life, or contact [email protected] if you would like to support a particular programme at Litisha.

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