Mango Primary

Mango Primary School, located in the Ruvuma region of Southern Tanzania, was established in 2019 by local community group LESCOTA (Learn to Serve Community of Tanzania) to address the low school attendance rates in the region, where 70% of children don't attend pre-school due to long, gruelling walks to school. 

Pupils at the school are taught in English, improving the transition to English-taught Secondary school, reducing secondary school drop-out rates as a result of this English language barrier. Upon completion, the pre and primary school will be attended by an estimated 320 rural children, aged 3-17 years, from the wider Matekela area. Students will be enrolled regardless of their race, religion, economic and political background.

In addition to the 6 classrooms that will ensure Mango are registered by the government, eight latrine blocks have been constructed to reduce the risk of disease and improve sanitation. A partitioned dormitory, kitchen and dining room are in the pipeline, ensuring girls remain at school during their periods and allowing the provision of school meals to improve health and nutrition. This will increase the cognitive ability required to succeed at school, creating a more prosperous younger generation that can help to reduce poverty in the local community both now and in the future.

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