Primary Education

Primary Education is an important start to a child's education. COCO works with schools at every level so that children of all ages have access to quality education.

COCO is currently partnering with four primary schools - FOCUSSA Primary, Maasai Academy and Mercy Primary in Kenya; and Fremosa Primary in Uganda. There are plans to expand some of the nursery schools that we work with in Tanzania into primary schools in the future.

  • Jessica


    Jessica is 9 years old. She lives with her parents and four siblings in Mbinguni village in Southern Tanzania. She…

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  • Bridgit


    Bridgit is an eight year-old girl, who is in class three. Bridgit is an orphan and has attended FOCUSSA for…

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  • Peter


    “Our school motto is education is light. Education is the beginning of everything. You have to go to school to…

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  • Munanka


    Munanka is 11 years old and is in Class 7 at Maasai Academy in Olorte, a remote village on the…

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