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Fifth time top of the region!

Hoja Secondary has once again achieved excellent results in the National Examination of Secondary Education and has been awarded the best in form four examinations in the region by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Tanzania.  The results were from examinations taken in November 2016.

Hoja Secondary achieved the top results out of 185 registered schools in the Songea region, and is high in the wider Ruvuma Educational zone coming 9th out of 278 registered schools.

In comparison with other non-government schools, Hoja Secondary came 17th out of 82 schools in the large Highland Southern Zone - many of these schools include elite high-paying private schools; for a community school serving children in poor communities, Hoja Secondary is doing exceptionally well.

To top it off, the school's staff members and students have also been congratulated for good behaviour!

Congratulations to all the staff and students!

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