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What is Long-Term Impact?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

By Lucy Liddle

We use the phrase #LongTermImpact all the time. But what does this actually mean...

As always, sometimes an example is the best way to explain!

Mother and her five children in Kenya holding bowls of maize and beans

Take the community in Bwayi and the support they received to plant #droughtresistant crops at the start of this year:

  • For the 200 families who received the seeds, it means being able to increase the land they farm, planting a second crop of drought resistant sweet potato and securing their family #nutritiousfood and #sustainableincome for another 3 months.

  • For the local market, it means a steady supply of affordable, organic crops which are becoming increasingly sought after as more #resilient alternatives to maize and beans.

  • For Niaver CBO, it means working with the community to prepare for the next dry season, educating them on strategies for increasing water retention in their soil, and the value of planting drought resistant crops.

  • For Bwayi community, it means an increase in the number of women and children who smile as you pass them on the street, off to sell their produce at a local market, or on their way to school.

  • For local officials, it means visiting to learn from the initiative introduced by Niaver, and taking this learning back to other villages to help increase their #foodsecurity and #incomegeneration.

  • And for surrounding communities, it means coming together at Niaver’s resource centre to peacefully exchange ideas and knowledge.

At COCO, long-term impact means working with the whole community to sustainably break the cycle of poverty, so that no child is left behind.

This impact transcends beyond one person, it's about creating a brighter future for children, and hosting life-long benefits to the whole community that can be enjoyed for years to come.

So when we say 'long-term' impact... we really mean it!

Thank you so much for being a passionate supporter of COCO. We and the community in Bwayi are so grateful for all of your help. Whether you give up your time as a volunteer, donate to our appeals, take on adrenaline boosting challenges or show stopping social events for COCO, you secure the future for communities like Bwayi so that every child can gain a quality education.

We couldn't do it without you!

Mother and young child farming sweet potatos in Kenya

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