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Growing for Good 🌱 in Bwayi

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates about our ongoing efforts to combat drought and support sustainable agriculture in Bwayi. Through next month's Big Give Green Match Fund initiative, we have the opportunity to double our reach and make significant strides in ensuring food security and resilience for communities in Bwayi, Kenya.  

Bwayi is facing increasingly severe droughts due to climate change, posing a significant threat to food production and livelihoods. By investing in drought-resistant crops, we are not only providing immediate relief to communities affected by water scarcity but also building long-term resilience against future climate challenges. 

Our partners overseas have been actively collaborating with local farmers and agricultural experts to identify the most suitable crop varieties for Bwayi's climate and soil conditions. Through workshops and training sessions, we are empowering families with the knowledge and resources they need to adopt sustainable farming practices and maximize crop yields

Since the training, Easter reports: “I am happy I am able to send all my children to school with cooked cassava and sweet potatoes for lunch.” 

The training has helped Easter increase her income whilst feeding her family. The skills have also increased health outcomes for the family with Easter reporting: 

“I can now go for medication and treatment in hospital for myself and my family because I can afford it. Now we are not always sick because we sleep in the mosquito nets.” 

We invite you to join us in making a difference in Bwayi by supporting our Big Give Green Match Fund initiative, launching 18/04/2024 at 12pm GMT! Your contribution will go towards purchasing seeds, providing training, and implementing solutions to ensure that Bwayi's families can thrive despite the challenges of climate change. 

To read more about the appeal click here, and to sign up for reminders when it goes live next month simply register your interest!

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