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Building Brighter Futures in Maasailand

We wanted to kick off the new year on a positive note by sharing the amazing progress at one of our current construction projects.

COCO is supporting the construction of a girls' dormitory at Maasai Academy, in the rural village of Olorte, Kenya. Maasai Academy has been hugely successful in the past, starting as a small group of concerned parents and growing to be the best performing school in the district! COCO have worked with RedTribe and Maasai Academy for a decade now, to ensure quality education is provided in this rural village to create brighter futures for the children in Olorte.

Due to the remote location of Olorte, many students must walk up to 14km (about 8.7 miles) each day just to get to school. This is a huge barrier for children seeking to access an education, and the long journey can also be dangerous, with animals such as buffaloes and elephants wandering into the student’s path, particularly when it is dark. The tiring walk also reduces the amount of time spent at home by the students, where they could be enjoying valuable family time as well as having the opportunity to revise for exams or do homework. Constructing this dorm will provide girls with a safe place to stay during term time, allowing them to spend their days securely, socialise with other students, and focus on their education.

This large-scale project experienced some delays due to the pandemic, but construction has now been fully resumed. It is a key step in breaking down barriers to education, and we are thrilled that it is progressing so well!

Stay tuned to COCO's monthly emails and social media posts to see the dorm fully completed in the near future - fill in the 'Keep Up To Date' box or click on the social media icons below!

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