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Sowing the seeds of love 🌱

Roses are red, violets are blue, and drought-resistant crops show love for our planet too!  

Over the past year, 1,980 people have benefited from COCO’s agriculture training through our partner Niaver CBO at Bwayi Community Centre and Nursery. This project provides women with the knowledge and skills to grow vital food crops despite the increasing droughts in Kenya, thus contributing to food security, income generation, climate resilience, and overall empowerment.  

Amidst changing climates, drought-resistant crop training provides seeds, tools, and the knowledge and skills required to cultivate resilient crops such as cassava and sweet potato. These crops require little water, thus can survive in times of drought, something that is becoming all too familiar in Kenya. This alternative method of agriculture offers a buffer against climate change, allowing the community to fight back and support their children towards a brighter future!

This project has had overwhelmingly good feedback, with Isaac, the founder of Niaver CBO, explaining how delighted he is to see households having enough food to send their children to school with a snack! These snacks boost the children’s energy levels, helping them focus through the school day and meet crucial developmental milestones. 

Let’s cultivate a future where love for sustainability blooms alongside these drought resistant crops and so the children in these communities can also blossom. From small seeds, mighty things will grow! 🌱

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