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Guest blog: Veronica joins the COCO volunteers

My name is Veronica and I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I left my home to learn a new language and a different culture in Ireland, and after two years I found myself living in Newcastle and volunteering for COCO.


Once I finished my course in Ireland and before going back to South America I decided to spend a few more months in Europe with my boyfriend (I’m really in love with this continent and its people). I arrived in Newcastle 3 months ago as my partner lives here, and it was in this point when I met Roberta, a lovely Lithuanian girl who was about to travel to Nicaragua to volunteer helping a local community. I was really interested in her experience as volunteer and I was thrilled about what she was going to do as the only experience that I’ve had as volunteer was unforgettable. She told me about her time volunteering with COCO and after learning more about this charity I couldn’t wait to get in touch!

I am currently helping them to transmit information about their projects, achievements and fundraising through their Social Media. After I got to know about the amazing work they are doing and how a little help from every volunteer can

Roberta volunteering in Nicaragua

make a big difference I just can’t wait to get more involved. If every person use their skills to benefits others (no matters what your skills are) we can make this world a better place to live.

I have really enjoyed this experience so far, meeting COCO’s team has been a pleasure and having the feeling of being part of their projects is fantastic! Now I am just looking forward to keeping helping and working with them in the following months.

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