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How Can You Donate?

If you would like to make a real difference to the lives of communities in East Africa, there are a variety of different ways you can give. Visit our donate page to find out all the different methods.

Some of the amazing initiatives your donations could support include sustainable agriculture, small loans and our Schools for Life programme. All of these are community-led projects that ensure long-lasting effective action for communities who become self-reliant and self-driven to lift themselves out of poverty, so that your money has an enduring impact on the quality and prosperity of their lives.

Lightness has been a recipient of one of over 7,000 small loans of £20 that have been distributed since 2007 to help families lift themselves out of poverty through providing entrepreneurial opportunities and raising productivity

Examples of such sustainable community projects that have benefited from your support through COCO are the Mlaseo nursery, Tanzania, outreach to the Batwa tribe in Western Uganda and sustainable agriculture initiatives that have encouraged local members to set up a community-owned school in Litisha, Tanzania, to name but a few.

Here are the quickest donation methods!

Donate online now

Visit our online donation page here to donate a one-off gift right now. You can also set up a regular donation, supporting COCO with the exact amount you wish to donate each month. To support COCO by regular giving please select the frequency on our donation page here.

Send a text donation

You can text COCO to 70085 to donate £10, which will cost you £10 plus the cost of a standard rate message. Alternatively, you can opt in to give any whole amount up to £20 by adding a number as below.

As always, if your method of donation does not automatically add Gift Aid, and you are a UK tax payer, we can claim an extra 25% on your donation at no additional cost to you. Just fill in our online form to make your donation go further.

Thank you for your generosity!

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