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New classroom at Mercy Primary!

A massive thank you to everyone who donated to the Mercy Classroom Appeal earlier this year. We are delighted that the classroom is now finished and that the students in class 8 are now enjoying learning in a cool, safe classroom!

Jess opening the new classroom.

Last month, Jess visited Mercy Primary School at the end of the Victoria Cycle Challenge, and officially opened the classroom. The students were very excited to go inside and see their new building. The whole school sat in the classroom, which was breezy and cool on a very hot day, and sang songs, gave speeches and performed plays to celebrate the opening. The students enjoyed sodas, biscuits and sweets to celebrate their amazing day!

Thank you for helping to build this fantastic new classroom!

Students singing songs

Previously, students were studying in dangerous, temporary classrooms made of corrugated iron. These buildings are hot so students cannot concentrate and fall asleep, dusty and dirty, causing breathing problems and dangerous with sharp metal pieces. This new classroom is the third of ten classrooms that are needed at the school.

The building of this classroom would not have been possible without Regent Farm First School in Gosforth, who have a long-standing partnership with Mercy Primary School. Students and teachers from both schools exchange letters, pictures and work, so all students learn about life in another country. Last year, Regent Farm raised over £2,000 to help build a new classroom for their friends in Kenya.

Students at Fellside Primary School and Newcastle High School for Girls Junior School also helped to raise funds for the classroom by taking part in the Newcastle International Film Festival Fun Run, dressing as their favourite film characters and taking to their school fields.

This new classroom is a fantastic addition to the school. There are still seven more classrooms that need to be built. We can't wait until all of the students have a safe place to learn. If you would like to help build another classroom please email

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