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Newcastle150 Leadership Programme: Shaping a Common Future

Towards the end of March, Common Purpose brought together a diverse group of future leaders aged 18 to 25 to take part in their Newcastle150 Leadership Programme.

Knowing of her previous experience working with others to promote climate action, and her enthusiasm for advocating positive social change, COCO's CEO Lucy suggested our MEAL Officer Rebecca should apply. Having grown up just 25 minutes down the road, Rebecca jumped at the chance to get involved, recognising this training as an incredible opportunity to work with a range of likeminded individuals towards creating a cleaner and greener Newcastle which places climate action at its core. Rebecca provided the following reflections on her experiences:

Each day of this training taught me something new, both about myself, and about the climate challenges we face in the North East. Sometimes these challenges can feel overwhelming, yet Common Purpose’s interactive, intergenerational workshops centred around how individuals can shape the future of Newcastle reinforced that everyone has the power to contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Whilst this training promoted my development of skills including empathy, agility and influence, it also inspired my reflection on the importance of COCO’s work within the communities we support in East Africa.

COCO’s Sustainable Agriculture Training programme promotes the use of sustainable and inclusive farming practices which help to address the growing challenges associated with climate change, whilst empowering women to escape labour exploitation, generate their own income and provide for their families. In doing so, COCO aims to create a legacy of climate-friendly farming which also empowers current and future generations to envision their own legacy for their communities, increasing children’s access to quality education, whilst creating a network of knowledge and future leaders. Our Schools for Life programmes integrate rainwater harvesting systems, solar power and permaculture gardens to ensure these future leaders have sustainable access to both quality education, and safe food and water. And our small loans programmes recycle the loans provided to entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses, promoting financial independence and the development of strong female role models.

Common Purpose’s global legacy campaign aims to create a “connected generation of leaders with a clear vision of what their legacy will be.” At COCO, we recognise the importance of empowering these future leaders both in the UK and in East Africa. We hope that our individual and organisational legacy will be our contributions to a world where every child, everywhere has access to quality education.

So… what will your legacy be?

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