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Plant Hope This Spring

Spring is in the air and we are surrounded by regrowth and renewal. Please support us by renewing hope for the community in Bwayi.

In Bwayi, a village in Western Kenya, farmworkers are paid 55p per day.Families live in such poverty that sometimes their children have to work too, for 30p per day. Imagine, a whole day’s work and it won’t even buy you a bottle of water or a loaf of bread!

COCO want to change this.

COCO and our partner organisation Niaver (which means HOPE in the local language of Luhya) have already trained 140 women in sustainable agricultural practices. Those trained can now afford to send their children to school and access healthcare . Previous evaluations have shown that farmers see an average household income increase of 284% as a result of this training!

We need your support to establish a model farm and resource centre for the community in Bwayi, as the land previously used for training is no longer available. The new farm will be used as a site to train more farmers and grow cash crops to support the long term sustainability of the community so that parents can provide for their families and their children don't need to miss school The resource centre will hold community education events and even house a nursery school.


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