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Planting Futures Campaign

Imagine standing in a line at 4am to get the chance to work for 40p from 4am until 6pm. That’s 14 hours, that’s 2.8p per hour. Imagine if you are doing this at 71 years old because it is the only way to make a living.

This was life for Margaret and many of her friends, until she was trained in sustainable agriculture. Now Margaret spends more time at home, works in her own garden and has food and income.

“Now that I am no longer working on contract and can generate my own income here in my garden, I can support my children through education. Now they aren’t chased away from school because I am able to save money and pay the fees for a whole term at once.”

Sustainable agriculture training is transforming the lives of women, in Bwayi, Western Kenya. These skills have not only reduced poverty and afforded children the opportunity to go to school but have also created independence and respect for an entire community of women.

In Bwayi, 65% of the population are women, with children, grandchildren and often orphans to provide for. The majority work seasonally on large scale farms starting at 4am for only 40p. The work is on a first come first served basis and there is not enough to go around. Women can’t afford to feed their families, to access healthcare, or send their children to school. Many children, particularly girls, are forced to move to the city, often resulting in homelessness, criminal activity, drug abuse and prostitution.

You can change this!

Previous training has increased women’s income by an average of 300%. This reliable income means children are healthier, in school, and happier. Bwayi now has a reputation for producing excellent quality fruit and vegetables and 21 children who had moved to the city have returned to Bwayi to live with their families.

140 women have already been trained, but there are thousands more still in need of your support. We are raising funds this International Women’s Day to ensure training can continue changing lives in Bwayi, by empowering more women!

Please DONATE NOW to plant futures.

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