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Small Joys in January

Here at COCO, we've started paying extra attention to the little things that bring us joy, or the wins we've had at work. Taking time to appreciate these small moments of happiness is supposedly good for both your mental and physical health- and of course, it's lovely to hear what's making other people happy!

We wanted to share the things that have got us smiling this month, in the hope they'll make you smile too!

Jess, Partnerships Manager

"Meeting up with Rebecca and Lucy in person for a day of collaboration and overseas programme strategising last week. It was the first day the three of us have worked in the same place, it was really productive and great to have a team of three working on overseas programmes!"

Rosie, Administrator

"We've had some lovely surprise donations this month, including one from a former volunteer which was a nice surprise! I also reunited a man with a lost umbrella that held a great deal of sentimental value"

Rebecca, MEAL Officer

"I've already raised £115 for my Walk the Wall challenge (and I am in the process of recruiting some participants!). I have also been approached by the University of Chester to ask if they can share my blog post about my first month at COCO within the Geography and International Development department which is quite exciting"

Freya, Fundraising Officer

"I've just moved to a new flat, and the small joy that's stuck with me the most is my first morning there. I can see the River Tyne from the living room window, and it was such a lovely moment having a cup of coffee and looking out at the water!"

Lucy, CEO

"I received some lovely replies to our Blue Monday newsletter, some from people I've not heard form in a long time. It's great to know that people are reading and enjoying our news and sharing theirs".

What's made you smile this month? Let us know in the comments!

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