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Throwback to Kidron School

In honour of #ThrowbackThursday, we thought we'd feature one of our past project partners and look back on what we achieved. This week, it's Kidron School near Jinja, Uganda, which COCO partnered with between 2007 and 2010.

The school originated from an enthusiastic kind hearted man John Mukuya Shiundu who started the school with funds from his own pocket in 2004. The aims of the school is to educate orphaned children in the rural area of Jinja and give them the opportunity to be education, healthcare food and clothing.

The children who attend the school are between the ages of 6 and 8. These children have the opportunity to be educated in maths, English, history and agriculture to name a few.

In order to assist the children’s learning COCO was able to provide the children with uniform and shoes for the children.

In terms of sustainability COCO was able to provide the school with a vegetable patch so that they would be able to grow and then eat their own produce. In addition to this we were able to provide a water pump and a generator to ensure the school could maintain the garden and to wash their clothes. Having this patch allowed the school to have more food so more orphans could be taken in.

As a treat COCO was able to provide a Christmas dinner for the 86 children, their teachers and the caretakers which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

"Thanks to COCO we now have a dairy cow and the children get fresh milk every day.  We use the dung to fertilise the vegetable garden and because of this we can grow more bananas and cabbages for the children.  The children no longer have to leave early in the morning to collect water, because COCO bought a generator and a pump to extract water from the well on the school premises.  This means the children spend more time in class and less time collecting water." – John Shiundu, Headmaster at Kidron School.

Written by Fatima, COCO Volunteer.

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