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School Infrastructure Projects

COCO’s Schools for Life model focuses on developing sustainable, quality, education in remote communities. The model incorporates six core elements of Shelter, Power, Food, Water and Sanitation, Sport and Recreation, and Entrepreneurship.

Though our partners in Kenya have already made a significant amount of progress towards realising this model at their schools, each has identified a number of future priorities, including:  


Libraries and IT Labs

Providing dedicated space to store books and to foster a love of reading. The addition of electricity, Wi-Fi and digital devices within these spaces will ensure that no child gets left behind.

Creating libraries and IT labs at Maasai Academy, FOCUSSA Primary School and Mercy Primary School will provide dedicated spaces for storing books and will foster a love of reading, not just in the students, but also the wider communities.


The addition of electricity, Wi-Fi and digital devices will support the development of digital skills, allowing access to a wider array of resources online. This global knowledge is essential in our 21st century society, and ensures no child is left behind.

2022 10 20 Maasai Academy Teachers trip PS (1).jpeg

Teacher Accommodation 

The communities that COCO works with are extremely rural. Securing accommodation for teachers will enable the schools to recruit and retain the very best staff. 

Building housing for the teachers at Maasai Academy and Mercy Primary School is needed for recruiting and retaining the best quality teachers at each of these very rural schools. 

High quality teachers provide high quality education!


Building Classrooms

Students learn best when studying alongside their peers, without the interruption of other year groups using the same room. It's also important that the classrooms are airy and well-lit.

Our partners have highlighted the need to construct more classrooms. 5 are needed across FOCUSSA Primary School and Mercy Primary School, to give every class their own designated, safe space to learn.  

Over time, COCO and our partners have increased the sustainability of our buildings by learning new, innovative strategies. This means that some existing classrooms at Mercy and FOCUSSA now also need renovating to bring them up to our high standards. 

2022 07 25 Maasai Academy Students and Teacher Working (2).jpg

Laboratories and Science

In a growing age of science and technology, ensuring that students gain skills and knowledge in STEM subjects is vital for their future. 

Building laboratories at Maasai Academy and Mercy Primary School is necessary so the schools can deliver high-quality Applied Science education, as part of Kenya's new Competency Based Curriculum. This curriculum promotes students’ practical application of knowledge and skills, helping them to become creative and critical thinkers, and encouraging them to access jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

2023 01 18 Niaver Composting Toilets IL (5).jpg

Composting Toilets

Providing safe, clean facilities for the students to use at school, whilst improving overall sustainability and supporting the school's Shamba (kitchen garden).

Constructing composting toilets for the staff and students at Maasai Academy will provide safe, clean facilities. These toilets will be connected to a biogas system which will supply Maasai Academy’s kitchen with a sustainable source of fuel. 


Boys' Dormitory

Students can travel up to 15 km each day to get to school. Providing safe accommodation for the students enables them to spend more time studying and socialising with their friends. 

We are delighted that we have already supported the construction of a girls' dormitory at Maasai Academy.


We hope to expand this provision to young boys who attend the school.


Establishing a dormitory at Maasai Academy will provide a safe space for students to stay during term time, instead of walking up to 15km every day to get to school. Using the dormitory will also give them more time to spend on their studies and with their friends.  

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