Elimika Centre


Elimika Centre is in Southern Tanzania. The centre helps children who are making the difficult transition between primary school, where lessons are taught in Swahili, and secondary school, where lessons are taught in English. It also offers full secondary education and evening courses for members of the community who wish to gain an education alongside their work. Elimika means “education” and the centre is ensuring education is accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

The school is already a success with 77 children receiving extra academic support and 7 members of staff being employed. It is operationally self-sustainable thanks to income generation programmes and sustainable agriculture initiated by our partners The Hoja Project. This year COCO invested in e-reader tablets for the students, which teach children valuable IT skills, allow for more interactive lessons, and save money having to buy new books each time the curriculum changes.

The next priority at Elimika Centre is to establish a Food Forest, which will provide a range of nutritious food for the students, teach valuable lessons about sustainability and healthy eating, and provide extra income for the school.

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