The village of Eluwai is located in the predominantly Maasai area of Northern Tanzania, and this remote village is where you will find the Olomayani (or “Blessings”) nursery. Olomayani has received support from COCO in the past and our collaboration has continued this year.  The nursery has seen an increase in students this past year from 41 to 77, and attendance has remained at a good level despite the difficult the geographic location. The increased numbers has come about because of the permaculture training the parents have received and now they have an increased income to support their children going to school.

Current priorities are to expand the nursery in order to accommodate the increase in students so that more children have the opportunity to go to school.

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  • Olomayani Nursery

    Olomayani Nursery

    Olomayani (or “Blessings”) is a nursery in the village of Eluwai in the predominately Maasai area of Northern Tanzania. The…

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  • Food


    Growing food forests and providing training in sustainable agriculture allows children to eat nutritious food, whilst learning of the importance…

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  • Water & Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

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