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10,350 meals!

Maasai Academy in Kenya established a Food Forest to grow food for their students and to generate income for the school. The garden is now in full swing and grows enough food for an amazing 10,350 meals every month!

Food is one of the six elements of COCO's Schools for Life programme. In the remote communities that COCO works with, the majority of people are subsistence farmers, often struggling to grow enough food to feed their children. Having a nutritious, balanced diet is important for children's health and wellbeing, and it's very difficult for students to concentrate if their hungry. Now students and other community members in Olorte have a constant supply of healthy fruit and vegetables to eat.

Having such a successful garden at Maasai Academy is especially exciting, as it is located in a very dry area of Maasailand.

Last year, the area suffered from extreme drought and many nearby communities had to move to find water to avoid famine. Innovative water transportation meant that Maasai Academy and the surrounding community had enough water to drink and to water crops so that students could continue to eat meals in school.

Donate now to help extend these programmes to benefit more rural communities in East Africa.

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