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COCO’s First Shipping Container Leaves for Tanzania

Earlier this week, a team of dedicated volunteers packed a shipping container with furniture for a school in Tanzania. Thanks to the assistance of National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC) and donations from Cititec, COCO was able to fill a container to the brim. The container will leave the UK today and arrive in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in around 6 weeks.

Upon arrival into Tanzania, the container will travel south and the furniture will be used in Kindimba Secondary School, one of COCO's Schools for Life. The school is very remote and, as a result, the cost of purchasing furniture domestically is inhibitive as the furniture itself and transportation combine to set a high price.

In the long term, COCO will work with the local community to provide training in vocational skills such as carpentry, which will enable the community to produce good quality furniture locally.However, in the short term it was necessary to provide furniture to the school and, as such, a shipping container to transport good quality, donated furniture proved to be the most cost-effective option.


The container left London having been packed with furniture from the Cititec office in London.


Early the following morning, the container arrived at NPAC's depot in Mansfield to be packed with even more furniture.


After a few hours of packing, the container was full to the brim.


The container was then sealed and transported to port. The next time it is opened, it will be in Tanzania!

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