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More Exam Success!

The good news keeps rolling in the COCO office! Fresh from the news of Hoja Secondary graduates achieving the best results in the region, two other Schools for Life have achieved pleasing results.

Kindimba Secondary School was only opened in January 2015, yet the school is already achieving the 4th highest results of 69 schools in the region! These results are better than at any government school in the region.

IMG_3492 2

The school was established as over 80% of primary school graduates in Kindimba were unable to continue their studies into secondary education. This was due to their only being one government secondary school nearby. This nearby government school achieved the 53rd highest results in the region.

This is a remarkable achievement in such a short space of time and bodes well for Kindimba Secondary replicating the success of Hoja Secondary, by becoming the best performing school in the region.


Similarly, COCO's newest Schools for Life partner has achieved pleasing exam results. FOCUSSA Primary achieved the second highest results in the ward. COCO will be partnering closely with FOCUSSA Primary to improve the standard of education on offer to students. However, this is a fantastic starting point!

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