Volunteering at COCO – Barbara Pressendo

My name is Barbara and I’ve been volunteering at COCO for four weeks as a fundraising admin.

I study Theology and Religion at Durham University but in my spare time developed a strong interest in International Development after being President of the International Development Society. I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of an international charity, and after four weeks here I can safely say it’s opened my eyes as to how an organisation like this operates.

Throughout my time here, I undertook a variety of tasks and learned a lot! I worked with updating the database of donors from time to time, making calls, sending emails, but I also did more creative tasks, such as designing information packs, posters and flyers for some of the fundraising events COCO organises. It was a great mix of data and admin work as well as using my creativity when it came to promotional materials. I also came to grips with InDesign, software I had never used before.

The atmosphere in the office is very friendly. I had never done work experience at a charity before, and I was definitely learning as I went along. I sent my fair share of emails, and drank more than my fair share of tea!

On a day away from the office, I tagged along for the Sunderland University Fresher’s Fair with Matt and another volunteer, Nick. I even had a go in the giraffe costume which I have to say is heavier than it looks! It was a lot of fun, and great to talk to so many people and spread the message about what COCO do.

Education is essential for children escaping the poverty cycle, and I believe COCO's projects are very significant in changing the lives of children who are suffering today. I really look up to advocates for education and I enjoyed working for COCO for this very reason; that their mission is undeniably valuable.

If you're interested in volunteering for COCO, find out what opportunities we currently have available here!

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